Wie is de Mol?

Wie is de Mol? is a popular Dutch reality TV game show broadcasted every year in The Netherlands in January, February, and March. The program revolves around 10 candidates, all known Dutch persons, who have to play several games or assignments together each episode (10 episodes in total). With each well performed assignment, they earn a specific amount of money. At the end of the last episode the winner receives all the money. There is however a mole among the participants; one of the participants has the goal to sabotage the completion of the assignments without the other participants discovering who that is.

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Finding Dory: Nostalgic fandom

When Finding Nemo came out for the first time, I was 12 years old, just one year shy of being a teenager. It was a difficult time for me, personally, and I find it unsurprising that it was also around this time that I truly started to find my way into certain fandoms. Also, my interest in popular media took root here.
I absolutely loved the movie and its characters. It was beautifully made, funny and the narrative was touching. I have watched the movie several times on DVD ever since it came out.Read More »

Joleen’s February Wishlist

It is time for a new short article! This means it is also not a very academic one. Every game I play, every book I read, or series I watch, always makes me want to have some collective or other item from whatever I am fan of at that time. Which is I presume a feeling many fans know. Since it is often a feeling of compulsion caused by whatever I see on the internet, I try not to give in. I do not have the space for it now anyway. After all, they are commodities: we do not really need them, but we do derive joy from them. It is fun to share what one loves, so today I will show you my current wishlist.

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Fortysomething: A must-see in British TV

I love British television and its culture. I think it is some of as the best there is. I found this TV series on one of my usual scouts for materiel on my favorite actors. These scouts usually happen when I find a particular (let’s call it) interesting actor, who has a certain level of desirable traits (these are usually physical) and I want to see more of the work. This time around I was looking for TV series or movies starring Benedict Cumberbatch.Read More »

How to regard Fire Emblem: Heroes

The strategy game Fire Emblem: Heroes (2017) is now out for a little more than a week. As far as I know, it is the first Fire Emblem title to be released on the mobile phone and not less important it is free. Google Play Store tells me that this game has been downloaded more than a million times, has been given 4.6 stars out of 5, and also many Twitter accounts I follow update daily about this game. However, as I have been playing the game, it seems to me that FE:Heroes is mainly fan service and hardly a new game.

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BBC Sherlock’s Woman on the Bus

*This article contains heavy spoilers about season 4 of the BBC Sherlock series*

In the latest season of the BBC Sherlock series, Watson encounters a woman on the bus and begins to text her secretly. Little could we have known who she would later turn out to be, but there where definitely some clues that told us from the beginning that her role would be bigger than simply being ‘that woman on the bus’. In this article, I will tell you why.

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Translating Assassin’s Creed to the big screen

To start with I have to mention that I had not played the games before I saw the movie. I am almost always intrigued when someone decides to make a move based on a game. Translating a narrative from the game console to the big screen is always difficult. I have yet seen it mastered, but I had hope for ‘Assassin’s Creed‘.

I know of the games and some aspects of its narrative and general concept of the game world, but I have never ventured more into it than that. So I went into the cinema with no expectation than hoping to come out understanding the game(/story) world a bit better. To this I must say that my expectation was met, but the expectations were not that high to begin with, so this is not that big a surprise.Read More »

Star Wars: Rouge One – Filler or puzzle piece?

**Warnings slight spoilers of ‘Star Wars: Rouge One’ **

I love when a story is connected in a mayor way and then becomes a world in its own right. The worldliness of the story is one of the most important part of reading any narrative for me. When it comes to works of fiction I always enjoy watching or reading a series, rather than a stand-alone work of fiction. Obviously, there is more content in a series, but for me it is the sense of worldliness that I am looking for. Read More »