Joleen’s February Wishlist

It is time for a new short article! This means it is also not a very academic one. Every game I play, every book I read, or series I watch, always makes me want to have some collective or other item from whatever I am fan of at that time. Which is I presume a feeling many fans know. Since it is often a feeling of compulsion caused by whatever I see on the internet, I try not to give in. I do not have the space for it now anyway. After all, they are commodities: we do not really need them, but we do derive joy from them. It is fun to share what one loves, so today I will show you my current wishlist.


Mercy Nendoroid (Good Smile Company)

I am really exited for the confirmed Nendoroid by the Good Smile Company. While they only have Tracer available for now, both Mei and Mercy will be added later. I have started playing Overwatch (2016) recently and Mercy quickly became my main. Many might not agree, but I think she is a very fun to play! I have already started bothering Sofie every time I end up at the best player list of the game. We do not know how her Nendoroid will look like, but since Tracer’s looks pretty nice I am looking forward to see Mercy’s.

Source: J-List


Sen no Kiseki Premium 3D Musical DVD (Nihon Falcom Corporation)

Musicals are my secret pleasure and Sen no Kiseki (2013) is one of my favourite RPGs. Of course I am excited about seeing the musical! I even wrote a previous post about the actors that I thought looked pretty similar to the characters. Since, I was not in Japan last month to see it, the DVD version is actually one I am planning to import. It will be released in the summer. You can buy it on the N.D.W. Online Shop, but remember to keep any additional import fee in mind.


Sen no Kiseki Manga Vol. 4 (Nihon Falocm Corporation)

Unsurprisingly, another Sen no Kiseki item made it to my list. Can you tell I am a big fan of this game? I even wrote my master thesis about the Kiseki games, so my amount of Kiseki games and other items is steadily growing. A couple of months ago I ordered the first three volumes, but did not check the release date of the fourth one. Sadly, one week after I got the manga, volume 4 was released, so I will have to wait until I order a new batch of Nihon Falcom goodies for this one.


Persona 5 Morgana Nendoroid (Atlus – Good Smile Company)

Another figurine that was confirmed during the Winter Wonderfest 2017 last week is a Morgana nendoroid! This sounds as if I am a figurine collector, but I am not actually. No, I am a big Persona 5 fan! The figurines of Futaba and Ann also look great, but I generally like smaller figurines better. Though, I would without blinking by a figurine of Persona 5’s Kitagawa Yusuke.

Source: Plastikitty

Only four items on my list this month, but it can change day to day- become less or more, and I also did not include games that I intend to buy. I have a separate wish list for that. There are some other figurines that I would like to have, but they do not spark in me the attention to actually go out of my way and into my wallet to buy them. That said, I find it interesting to see that half if the list are figurines as I usually spend my money on books, games, or clothes, while I am less surprised about the fact that I will have to import all the items from Japan. What can I say?  Japan in general is good at making commodities that attracts fans who are willing to buy it.

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