Translating Assassin’s Creed to the big screen

To start with I have to mention that I had not played the games before I saw the movie. I am almost always intrigued when someone decides to make a move based on a game. Translating a narrative from the game console to the big screen is always difficult. I have yet seen it mastered, but I had hope for ‘Assassin’s Creed‘.

I know of the games and some aspects of its narrative and general concept of the game world, but I have never ventured more into it than that. So I went into the cinema with no expectation than hoping to come out understanding the game(/story) world a bit better. To this I must say that my expectation was met, but the expectations were not that high to begin with, so this is not that big a surprise.Read More »

Sen no Kiseki Musical

Back in August, Zepp Blue Theatre announced their collaboration with Nihon Falcom Corporation to do a musical based on the Sen no Kiseki role-playing games, one of my favorites! The musical will be played from January 8th until January 15th, so enough reason to take a quick glance at the cast and the characters they play.

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Star Wars: Rouge One – Filler or puzzle piece?

**Warnings slight spoilers of ‘Star Wars: Rouge One’ **

I love when a story is connected in a mayor way and then becomes a world in its own right. The worldliness of the story is one of the most important part of reading any narrative for me. When it comes to works of fiction I always enjoy watching or reading a series, rather than a stand-alone work of fiction. Obviously, there is more content in a series, but for me it is the sense of worldliness that I am looking for. Read More »

Orwell and the fourth wall

*** Warning; spoilers on Orwell game from 2016 **

In most video games (that I have encountered and played) the fourth wall is almost always intact and preserved to stay as such. The player of the game is separated from the real world and a new identity is creating for them within the game or they take on a character’s role within in the game and its world. However, in the game Orwell this is not the case.Read More »

Video Games I’m Playing Now


I have the tendency to play multiple video games at the same time. While some consider it overwhelming, I just like to play games depending on how I feel that day. For instance, on a day during which I have studied a lot, I tend to play happy go lucky games that are not too heavy in terms of topic. Or, on days that I like to practice my Japanese, I play, of course, games in Japanese. Anyway, there are enough games that I’m playing at the moment to quickly say something about!

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Persona 5 and Escapism

Persona 5

*Warning: this article contains spoilers about Persona 5*

Video games are often seen as a means for escapism. By throwing oneself into another world, video games can allow someone to avoid the mundane, dangerous or troublesome aspects of life. During the hours that the player is immersed into the fictional world of the game, she can forget the troubles in her own life and instead focus on seemingly simple worlds of science fiction, fantasy, or sports. Yet, can we say that a game promotes escapism when it addresses topics such as bullying, abuse and suicide?

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LEGO and Narrativity

From being a little child playing with LEGO on Christmas morning with my big brother, to now 25 years old and playing LEGO Star Wars on my Playstation 4; I have to say that things have not really changed all the much. At least, it has not if you think a bit about it. The biggest differences (between the LEGO now and then??) are the limitation of the medium and expansion of its narrative. (Of course, the fact that I am playing on a game console instead of playing with actual LEGO toys, is the main difference, but we will not dwell on this now.)

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Pokemon Go and the Avatar

In most games, the avatar is thought of as the personification or a fragment of the player’s person. After all, the players are the ones who can manipulate the avatar in performing certain actions in-game. Games such as Final Fantasy XIV, Fire Emblem: Awakening and even Fallout IV allow the player to design the appearances of the characters that they can control themselves. Players can choose however they want the avatar to look like and can even design them to look like a (enhanced) version of themselves.

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