Wie is de Mol?

Wie is de Mol? is a popular Dutch reality TV game show broadcasted every year in The Netherlands in January, February, and March. The program revolves around 10 candidates, all known Dutch persons, who have to play several games or assignments together each episode (10 episodes in total). With each well performed assignment, they earn a specific amount of money. At the end of the last episode the winner receives all the money. There is however a mole among the participants; one of the participants has the goal to sabotage the completion of the assignments without the other participants discovering who that is.

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Joleen’s February Wishlist

It is time for a new short article! This means it is also not a very academic one. Every game I play, every book I read, or series I watch, always makes me want to have some collective or other item from whatever I am fan of at that time. Which is I presume a feeling many fans know. Since it is often a feeling of compulsion caused by whatever I see on the internet, I try not to give in. I do not have the space for it now anyway. After all, they are commodities: we do not really need them, but we do derive joy from them. It is fun to share what one loves, so today I will show you my current wishlist.

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How to regard Fire Emblem: Heroes

The strategy game Fire Emblem: Heroes (2017) is now out for a little more than a week. As far as I know, it is the first Fire Emblem title to be released on the mobile phone and not less important it is free. Google Play Store tells me that this game has been downloaded more than a million times, has been given 4.6 stars out of 5, and also many Twitter accounts I follow update daily about this game. However, as I have been playing the game, it seems to me that FE:Heroes is mainly fan service and hardly a new game.

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BBC Sherlock’s Woman on the Bus

*This article contains heavy spoilers about season 4 of the BBC Sherlock series*

In the latest season of the BBC Sherlock series, Watson encounters a woman on the bus and begins to text her secretly. Little could we have known who she would later turn out to be, but there where definitely some clues that told us from the beginning that her role would be bigger than simply being ‘that woman on the bus’. In this article, I will tell you why.

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Video Games I’m Playing Now


I have the tendency to play multiple video games at the same time. While some consider it overwhelming, I just like to play games depending on how I feel that day. For instance, on a day during which I have studied a lot, I tend to play happy go lucky games that are not too heavy in terms of topic. Or, on days that I like to practice my Japanese, I play, of course, games in Japanese. Anyway, there are enough games that I’m playing at the moment to quickly say something about!

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Persona 5 and Escapism

Persona 5

*Warning: this article contains spoilers about Persona 5*

Video games are often seen as a means for escapism. By throwing oneself into another world, video games can allow someone to avoid the mundane, dangerous or troublesome aspects of life. During the hours that the player is immersed into the fictional world of the game, she can forget the troubles in her own life and instead focus on seemingly simple worlds of science fiction, fantasy, or sports. Yet, can we say that a game promotes escapism when it addresses topics such as bullying, abuse and suicide?

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Pokemon Go and the Avatar

In most games, the avatar is thought of as the personification or a fragment of the player’s person. After all, the players are the ones who can manipulate the avatar in performing certain actions in-game. Games such as Final Fantasy XIV, Fire Emblem: Awakening and even Fallout IV allow the player to design the appearances of the characters that they can control themselves. Players can choose however they want the avatar to look like and can even design them to look like a (enhanced) version of themselves.

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