Kingdom Hearts 3

So this took me a while, seeing as KH3 came out in the beginning of the year and I finished it shortly after that, but nevertheless here we are.

Naturally, there will be spoilers ahead, warning has now been given.

There is one very major element I must say about Kingdom Hearts 3. It can be said in just one word:


Granted; I had the game on the easiest mode, but I have done that with all the KH games and that was not the issue. I ended up finishing the game much too early with an empty feeling of “Was that it? Did I wait all those years for this?!”

We only get to see a couple of worlds, quite spectacle worlds, I must say, but then it just ends. Furthermore, the most fantastic world Scala Ad Caelum, we do not even get to explore; it is just straight on to the fight! That is just mean!

I arrived at the shore with my companions and as expected (as all other worlds had been set up to for the player) all ready to explore and get to know this new world (which is not Disney related) an addition to the Kingdom Hearts story world, which we hadn’t had an a while. I get to the end of the pier, ready to go to the first house and look for chests, but before I can take one step the game cuts to a cut scene and then straight into battle. One of the most impressive worlds seen in Kingdom Hearts and we do not get to see any of it? Then why even go through the trouble of making it?

I went for a second run and just let Xehanort hit me, while Goofy and Donald healed me, so I could explore a bit. I did not get to see nearly enough, but I guess Square Enix won’t let us see more.

In essence, the game was far too small and short lived with way too few worlds to explore. Usually we have close to a dusin worlds to go to and have to go back at least twice to finish the story line. In this we don’t even get 10 and we never need to revisit them (naturally, I did, but the lack of stories are so obvious, it hurts).

It makes me sad to see such a beautiful crafted and visually aesthetic game actually disappoint me. However, the lack of story and content is just too overpowering.

I have more to say on this, but before I convince myself to never look at the game again, I should stop here, because I will be back. It is still after all, Kingdom Hearts.

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