Fortysomething: A must-see in British TV

I love British television and its culture. I think it is some of as the best there is. I found this TV series on one of my usual scouts for materiel on my favorite actors. These scouts usually happen when I find a particular (let’s call it) interesting actor, who has a certain level of desirable traits (these are usually physical) and I want to see more of the work. This time around I was looking for TV series or movies starring Benedict Cumberbatch.

As a first step I go to IMDB or YouTube and look up the actor and their filmography to see if there is anything I have missed. Here I found ‘Fortysomething’ and I was pleasantly surprised to see the cast list. Beside Cumberbatch we have Hugh Laurie, playing Cumberbatch’s character’s father, and Peter Capaldi, playing the rival to the father. We have a beautiful Fry and Laurie moment in a fish shop, where you can’t help to laugh all the way through. It is a wonderful and crazy bunch of people thrown together in this narrative about a regular family man having something resembling a middle-life crisis.

The family life of the Slippery household is ordinary, quarky and mundane at times, but also so very relatable that it makes the whole thing become very personal and sort of intimate in a strange way. You can easily see yourself as part of the family and still distance yourself enough to just sit back and relax and be entertained. It is very down-to-earth, which is very distinct from the science fiction, fantasy and comic book series and movies that I am usually watching these days.

The series is very well written and give each character a strong personality right off the bat. The dynamic between the characters is what makes up the TV series and this is certainly also the must fun to watch. Even though the series is only 6 episodes, it is well worth one’s time, because of its relatability. Also, (as the memes has it:) Dr. House is Sherlock’s father and the Doctor’s rival, your argument is invalid.

P.S. All power to the Cumber-Bitches! 😉

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