About the Website

The Ubiquitous Bunny is everywhere. It appears in a work of fiction, on a painting or even in your dreams, yet always in a different form. Sometimes it entertains you; amuses you, other times it downright scares you.

What is this bunny? The Ubiquitous Bunny is but a metaphor on our blog for content that scatters all across different media, but one we still do not understand. We are chasing this bunny, like Alice chased the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole and ended up in Wonderland. We find ourselves currently in this Wonderland, trying to grab the rabbit to understand what it is and what world it has brought us into.

We can try to grab the bunny by its tail, but it might not always have a tail. We could try to take its ears, but the ears might disappear. Media content does not always appear in the same form, so the bunny might not always come to us in a form that we suspect it to be in. When we learn how we could capture it by its tail, we could end up killing it when we try to catch it when it is in a different form. Media content is similar: when we – if ever- understand how a story is conveyed in one medium, the same story might be changed when transmitted from another medium. Or is it?

It is not easy to provide an answer to all the questions that we ask- or will ask, nor do we try to. Rather, our goal with this blog is to engage with various media content to see where we will arrive at. We engage with topics that we personally are interested in and that we enjoy writing about. The umbrella term for these topics would primarily be ‘digital popular culture’, as we like to call it, so what we discuss varies from video games and fan fiction to literature and film. Some articles might be a little on the academic side, but we are also not afraid of writing small articles just to point out something that interests us at that moment. Please enjoy!

We update one article per week. While we do not hold to a strict schedule, we try to write one short and one longer article per month.