Homage to HPFF – 2001 – 2018

Introduction is needed here: This piece were suppose to be on fanfiction and its usage, but instead I will pay homepage to the now closed site of harrypotterfanfiction.com (HPFF).

This next paragraph is how I would have initially started the post. I will leave it here, because I find that it paints a good first picture of my reaction of finding out:

I am going to go into the deep end and talk a bit about fanfiction. As I have established on several other places virtually and physically, I am a aca-fan, and it all started with fanfiction back in 2005. (Note: I just went to check on my favorite fanfic site, to see when I became a member, and discovered that it was closed down as of April 2018. I am a bit gutted right now!)

After writing this last note, I went online in search of any clues as to what had happened. I was wondering what caused the final closing of the site and if there was any way of recovering the now lost fanfics that I loved.

Through WayBackMachine I was able to find the last message from Jay, the owner of HPFF:

farewell HPFF

It did not take long for me to find the first seed of sadness, desperation and denial among the many writers, who had also lost a valued platform. The first thing to pop up on my radar was the Reddit subgroup of HPfanfiction. Here, former members of the site expressed the desire to retrieve the lost fanfics and they were in luck (relatively). Some members had been quick and archived either their favorite fanfics or the whole thing and they were sharing it. This warmed my heart, when I found out. The spirit of the site was still alive and all did not seem completely lost. The power of the internet in its purest form had help us.

I have been so fortunate to have had the foresight, a couple of years ago, to print out my two all-time favorite novella fanfics and my favorite one-shots and had them bound into books. They are also locally saved on two of my computers, but that is just for save keeping. I originally did this, because I much prefer to read a physical book than on a computer, but I do not just print unnecessarily. I loved this fanfics so much that I wanted to have them standing on my bookshelves at home and be able to feel the enjoyment of reading them as I feel books should be read; in a physical book. However, I was also thinking ahead and knowing that all things end one day, I was afraid of losing these stories to the void of cyberspace. I am now so glad that I printet them out and I can look at them fondly on my bookshelf with nostalgia of HPFF in mind.

Prior to the shut down of HPFF the archives, the attached fora had been shut down a couple of years before. With those doors shutting, my time on the site diminished significantly, but I just became a passive reader instead and wrote on other sites. The fora had added that special element to HPFF that I had not found on any other fanfiction site. The ability to share, work on, collaborate and discuss the subject of fandom and writing with others in the some fold, was what many used the site for, myself included, initially. Knowing that others were writing the same thing and struggling with writer’s block too was a motivation like no other. I was suddenly not alone in my fanfiction writing.

I am sad to see HPFF go and I might never know where or how some of the fanfics would have ended, but luckily there is more to find out there. I hope the friendships made there will find each other again, and that they are not lost forever. If they are lost, then lets remember the friendships, good times and the fanfics with fondness; just as we will with HPFF.

I will be continuing to write on other sites, as I have since 2008. HPFF was mine main fanfic site and the first place I would upload my fanfics. Afterwards I would upload it to my other sites, but now my new fanfic base will be (my formely secondary site) FanFiction.net. I have for some time thought of changing my pen-name, but not anymore. I will keep the pen-name I had on HPFF and post under that one, just in case someone should be looking for my stories. It will be the easiest to them that way. (and no, I will not share my pen-name here. Just know that I am out there.)

I have never talked this openly about my life in fanfiction writing, but I felt like HPFF deserved it. It was the first site I started to write on. This might not seem so open to other, but to me this is quite open, because I never talk about this with anyone related to who I publicly see myself as. This is a very private part of my life that none get to see (expect one), except very rarely, like right now.


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