Sen no Kiseki Musical

Back in August, Zepp Blue Theatre announced their collaboration with Nihon Falcom Corporation to do a musical based on the Sen no Kiseki role-playing games, one of my favorites! The musical will be played from January 8th until January 15th, so enough reason to take a quick glance at the cast and the characters they play.

For now my favorites among the cast. These are purely based on their appearance that I think look really well along the lines of the characters in the games.

castgaiusGaius Worzel played by Takuya Kishimoto. He looks exactly as I would have imagined his real-life version to be!


Irina Reinford played by Mio Hanana. Is it cold or what? The vibe that she is giving off feels exactly the same as in the game.


Patrick T. Hyarms played by Souichiro Sorihashi, took me by surprise! He is giving off an arrogance that seems really similar to Patrick in the game.


That smile! Yuna Hazuki who plays Scarlet really seems to know how to pull of Scarlet’s persona.


Singer RiRiKa plays Vita, which sounds like a good choice for her, since Vita is an opera singer. It is the eerie and magical, yet strangely light vibe that RiRiKa is able to give Vita that attracts me here.


Last, but not least: Emma Milstein played by Konona Shiba. It looks exactly like Emma, I don’t have to say anything else.

Of course, I have not seen the performance yet, and maybe I never will, so I am not sure how well their performance actually is. Maybe some of the other performers are able to pull their characters way better of than their appearance from the photos would suggest. Hopefully Falcom will release a DVD recording of the musical performance. *Update: Yes, they will release a DVD. It’s release is planned for the summer.*

You can take a look at the other cast members at their Facebook page.

But, one last question that I do have: where is Crow?


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