Star Wars: Rouge One – Filler or puzzle piece?

**Warnings slight spoilers of ‘Star Wars: Rouge One’ **

I love when a story is connected in a mayor way and then becomes a world in its own right. The worldliness of the story is one of the most important part of reading any narrative for me. When it comes to works of fiction I always enjoy watching or reading a series, rather than a stand-alone work of fiction. Obviously, there is more content in a series, but for me it is the sense of worldliness that I am looking for. 

This is one of the many reasons that ‘Star Wars’ is one of my favorite stories and story worlds. Granted, I have not ventured much outside the movies and games, but it is not because of lack of interest, I just have not had the time to really explore this yet. However, just in the movies alone, you get a high degree of worldliness and get the sense that there is more to the story. There is always something new or a new story to look for. Since it has become such a big story world it seems like the book can never be closed. Like an actual galaxy you cannot discover all of it single-handedly.

Since the trilogy prequels came out , it has become more apparent to look at exploring the story world not just in space, but also in time. For me, mostly, it has been about exploring the time between the two trilogies, because there is quiet a gap here. Time did not stand still here and many things were set in motion after the rise of Darth Vader.

What ‘Star Wars: Rouge One’ does, is bridge together the two trilogy together. I love the way the two trilogies are more merging together to become one whole story and one combined story world. It fills out this aforementioned gap and connects episode 3 to 4 much better. However, is ‘Rouge One’ just a filler? Does is just fill in the blank and serves no other purpose? Well, some people would certainly say so, but let’s look at this from another point of view, shall we?

It might not involve some of the main characters from the other movies (although they are hinted at and a few cameos appear), but they are certainly not ignored. We get a closer look at how the war between the Empire and the Rebels affects the galaxy and other forms of civilian life. We get a more real sense and reality of war in this ‘Star Wars’ story and less of a Hollywood story, where everything is just happy and good in the end. The work on the Death Star is further explained and we come to understand much better the struggle it has been for the Rebels, since the construction began.

In conclusion, I find ‘Star War: Rouge One’ to be a nice addition to the Star Wars universe, because it connects the two trilogies in a neat way. The worldliness is becoming more solid because of this movie.


2 thoughts on “Star Wars: Rouge One – Filler or puzzle piece?

  1. So, can we see Star Wars: Rogue One more as a kind of additional story that glues the trilogies together, or can it be seen as a continuation of the trilogies? 🙂


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