Video Games I’m Playing Now


I have the tendency to play multiple video games at the same time. While some consider it overwhelming, I just like to play games depending on how I feel that day. For instance, on a day during which I have studied a lot, I tend to play happy go lucky games that are not too heavy in terms of topic. Or, on days that I like to practice my Japanese, I play, of course, games in Japanese. Anyway, there are enough games that I’m playing at the moment to quickly say something about!

Final Fantasy XV

I have never been really into Final Fantasy, despite its popularity. Even though I tried playing Final Fantasy XIII a couple of years ago, it was never something for me. Friends told me to try other installments, so I figured to just try the newest one. I am only a couple of hours in and while it is not mesmerizing me yet, I also do not want to put it away, so I guess that is a good thing.

Persona 5

I wrote an article about what I thought of it previously, but I must say that I enjoy it to its fullest. After 30 hours in it still feels as if I have only just started playing the game, which is probably not surprising when a single average game play takes about 120 hours.

Pokémon Sun


This one is nothing surprising. It’s a nostalgic childhood thing. I was not planning on playing it, to be honest, but a friend of mine got me into it again with his enthusiasm. There are a few pokémon I really wanted among which my favorite: Growlithe, but also Pikachu belongs to my party now and Eevee, which into a Sylveon. I think it is interesting how they tried to put a more linear story into the game play, so thus far I am pretty content playing it.

Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright


I have been eyeing this game ever since it was released in Japan, but waited patiently for it to be released in the West. Contradictory to what most people thought, I played Conquest first and only recently started playing Birthright. That was just a week or two before the release of Pokémon Sun, and I have not played it since then.

Story of Seasons

Ongoing – I love the simplicity, elegance and nostalgic feel of this game (or rather, farm simulator), but I can not play it for days straight. Usually I play it when watching a TV series or when another game frustrates me to such an extent (yes, Dark Souls, I am looking at you), but playing it comes in moments; sometimes I keep playing it every day for weeks and then I do not play at all for months.


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