Worlds I am currently travelling in

As in introduction to what I am doing lately in relation to this blog, I would like to talk a bit about the games I am playing and the TV-series I am watching currently.
I am playing on a computer, PS3, Ps4 and occasionally on a Nintendo DSi.


Dreamfall Chapers

A Norwegian game and third instalment of the game series ‘Dreamfall’. I could never get my hands on the first instalment, but I watched a play-through on YouTube instead. The second instalment I played about 2/3 way through, when I lost the game and then watched a play-through to get the rest of the story. This is partially the reason why I almost exclusively buy my games in Steam now.
The games is about choices and consequences, and is story driven. The illusion of choice is excellently created to effect the narrative and make the player truly believe they control what happens.


A relatively new game, which I find immensely fascinating because of its themes and narratives. As the name suggests, it is based on the concept of the novel 1984 by George Orwell and the concept of ‘Big Brother’. You are playing as an new employee at the company ‘Orwells’, who is in charge of the security of ‘The Nation’. So you have to investigate people through cameras and everything you can find online about the person and anyone related to them and the case. I will post a blog post about this later, because I find the topic very interesting.

Lego: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

First Lego game I have ever played and I like to explore these game world a little more. In this game, we follow the narrative like in the movie, but we get to relive the scenes having a more active role. We can also choose to play these scenes as different characters and therefore maybe create new meanings in them. The game is very straight forward and this makes me more interested in the narrativity of the whole game and concept.


A game about hacking your way through Chicago to get back a the men behind the murder of the main character’s niece. You have to find the network and then hack your way through it to find the right information. I have always liked to study and work on this subject of hacking into different systems and other’s lives.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 and XIII-2

I have not played the ‘Final Fantasy’ franchise very long. I started with ‘Final Fantasy XIII’ a couple of years ago and then continued with the second part of that particular game. I have never thought about exploring more of the franchise except the X and X-2 version, because of all the hype it got and still is getting.


Arrow – Flash – Super Girl

I have become quite a fan of the DC Comic universe and am now following all the TV series in relations to each other. I started with Arrow when it was in it 2nd season and then followed up with Flash and Super Girl. I like how the different TV series relate to each other and occasionally have cross overs. It makes it seems more worldly and I love the aspect of transmedia storytelling, even though it is concerned with very few media at the moment.

Once Upon a Time

I have not seen much of the series, but I have seen the first season and am slowing going through the second season now. I love the retelling of the classical fairy tales and how this is related to the ‘real’ world. It is high fantasy meeting low fantasy and I find it very interesting. It also holds a lot of romantic narratives and relationship, which speaks very strongly to me. I am a hopeless romantic and I love these kinds of TV series and movies.


Space cowboy western from 2003. This is one of the big ones for me. I love both the story-line (characters, narratives etc.) and the fandom on its own. Even though it ended in 2003, it is still talked about in various groups both offline and online. I will definitely write about this later on.

Gilmore Girls

I had watched the TV-series while it was still running on TV and saw the revival right away when it came out on Netflix. Although, I have mixed feelings when it comes to the revival, I still consider it as one of the better TV series. As oppose to what I normally watch, this is the most down to earth and more relatable series on a daily life.


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